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As a custom home builder and remodeling firm, Flenn Custom Home & Remodeling offers unparalleled services from a multitude number of experts.

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With more than 40 years of experience and over 75 homes built or remodeled in the Greater Austin Area, you’ll have the peace and satisfaction of working with a team composed of an experienced Construction Engineer, Building Designer, Interior Designer, and Real Estate Agent.

More About Greg

Growing up on a Dairy Farm there was one thing I knew I did not want to do the rest of my life, and that was milking cows. My three brothers and I had a hay hauling business that serviced the neighboring farmers. I became curious and intrigued of the different types of construction that the barns were made of, so I started asking “why” questions to all of the neighboring farmers. This was a time before google existed (imagine that). Traveling around Southwest Missouri, I started noticing different design and construction details in these old hot barns. I was curious about how they were structurally designed.

The structural element was a mystery and stirred my interest. From there it was a natural progression to a two year Building Trades Vocational Tech program in high school.

Helping Families For Many Years

I continued my construction interest and pursued a degree in Construction Engineering from Pittsburg State University in Kansas. I soon joined the home-building industry in Houston and never looked back. I have also had the opportunity to build homes in North Carolina through my connections in Houston. I have called Austin home since 1999. Flenn Custom Home & Remodeling has been in the Austin area for more than 22-years and has over 40-years of experience completing hundreds of custom homes and home- remodeling projects.

Having a family gives me a better understanding of what families need in a home. I work with clients to maximize the return on their investment and offer decision-making help when needed. I truly enjoy the process of helping families take their dreams and make them a reality in a home that fits their unique lifestyle. We look at every project as truly Building Works of Heart. “Building is my passion!” And to think, it all started in a barn.

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Richard Mersiovsky

Richard Mersiovsky

Residential Architect

Richard Mersiovsky. AIA

Allen P. Auth

Allen P. Auth

Architect Authentic

Designs Austin

Carmen Miller

Carmen Miller

Designer | Real Estate Agent

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Our service areas include Round Rock, Georgetown, Liberty Hills, Leander, Cedar Park, Hutto, Jarrell, and Jonah.  We are located in Georgetown, Texas.