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What is a PSA ?
Professional service agreement that enables the builder to construct plans and specifications for the project and be mindful of the owner’s budget.
Should I get other bids?
We are consumers also and understand the question, we all want to be sure we are not getting taken advantage of and want a fair deal however, all of us want quality. If the budget is an issue there are ways to reduce the scope of work. Quality will always remain a consistent priority. Obtaining multiple bids as we see it stems from commercial/government projects where typically the lowest price wins the project and hopefully there will be enough change orders to make the job profitable.

We prefer to establish a professional relationship with our clients entrusting us to perform a PSA. The PSA will establish construction drawings, engineer reports and detailed specifications, which will set the parameters for the scope of work. From this we can create an accurate estimate, minimizing the use of change orders and creating the proper job schedule. Every builder will have a unique way of planning and developing the scope of work for your project. Find a builder that is trustworthy, experienced and you enjoy working with.

Why should I sign/pay for a PSA?
PSA is an agreement between you and I to develop a detailed scope of work which allows the builder to be paid for the time it takes to create and investigate.
Is the PSA mine to keep?

Yes. The PSA is a document you have paid for and therefore own once we are finished with the process.

Is the price of the PSA included in my final contract price?

Yes, the PSA is a document that outlines the full scope of work and selections for your project. When we move to the contract phase the total amount of the PSA will be applied to the first draw of the contract amount.

How will you finish up the project details ?

It’s all about the details. We have a three step process where we will 1) walk through the project once we wrap up production with you the customer and identify any items that may need attention. 2)  Around the three month mark we will send a sheet for you to fill out with anything we may have missed on the initial walk and give you time to be sure everything is working properly . 3) We will do the same process at 11 months just before the standard 1 year warranty for manufacturer warranty items is up.

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