Home is where the heart is, unless yours doesn’t function for your family’s lifestyle anymore.  In that case, home may very well be where the headache is. 

When a home doesn’t offer ease of movement throughout with spaces for the whole family to be together, as well as areas to be, well, not so together, a house can feel like it just doesn’t work.

While some floor plans can be easily, if not inexpensively, remodeled to better suit your needs, they often require so many compromises that you feel like you’re settling for what’s doable instead of what’s optimal for your lifestyle.  When you build a custom home on your own lot you get exactly what you want, where you want it and can even save money in many areas.


Get What You Want

The number one reason many people turn to a custom builder is to get exactly what they want in their next home. Whether it’s a more open living and dining area, a dedicated home office or more spacious guest quarters, a custom home can include all of that in a functional, practical way. You can decide just how much storage, natural light, outdoor space, and other amenities you need in a home, without settling.

Contrary to what many believe when they think of customs builds, a home doesn’t have to be massive to be custom. Many people choose this option when downsizing. Smaller floor plans that keep flexibility in mind can feature spaces that serve dual purposes, such as a study or play room that doubles as a guest room.

In addition, if your current dreams are bigger than your current budget, a custom home can be designed to accommodate future needs and wish lists, making renovations and add-ons easier when the time is right.


Pick Your Location

Whether it’s your job, a certain school district or a particular community feel you’re after, building a custom home allows you to choose exactly where your house will sit. It can be as close— or as far— as you like from all of your favorite people, places, and things. Your preference for country living or a more suburban life can be honored when you build on your own lot.


Save on Utilities and Maintenance

New custom homes are more desirable than many renovation projects because they are much more energy efficient than their older counterparts can ever be. The latest Energy Star construction methods meet much higher standards than homes built in previous years, meaning you can save money on utilities and even maintenance over time. In addition, costly items like roofing, HVAC systems, windows, appliances, and even your home’s structure are warrantied, often through both the manufacturer and the builder.

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