Our houses are a reflection of our times. Now more than ever, homeowners looking for custom home ideas are trying to bring the outdoors in order to make the most of lush surroundings and scenic views. Classic simplicity is gaining ground on conspicuous consumption. Homeowners looking to remodel also are looking more for places to gather and be together than to gather and be entertained.

Living rooms are increasingly places to live as our entertainment devices no longer have to be mounted on the wall in front of the sofa. Fireplaces could make a comeback as the focal point of rooms that will feature more-durable outdoor fabrics to stand up to the increased use. These places will be decorated but not overdone. After all, these are places to live in more and display things less.

Kitchen remodels take more chances

In the kitchen, sleek and spare spaces full of big steel appliances may be giving way to spaces that are more open, eclectic and lived in. There will be a greater variety of colors and textures in an effort to create places to live in instead of look at. Countertops will be thinner and backsplashes may take more chances. Kitchen cabinets might not all match. Uppers and lowers may be different colors. Accent cabinets that don’t look like anything else in the room might catch on; so might replacing cabinets with shelving.

Appliance options continue to grow and so do the choices in so-called niche appliances such as steam ovens, induction cooktops and warming drawers. We could see more black steel and less stainless. In the middle we’ll see islands that not only offer prep space but storage and seating as well.

Bathrooms are increasingly places to linger, so look for more furniture and less clutter. Mirrors will make statements, light fixtures push the envelope, and toilets will do more and more for us besides flush. We may even start to see more bidets, which have never really caught on in the United States. But with so many toilets now having a bidet feature, perhaps the bidet will have its day.

Art Deco, natural fibers and artisan pieces

Who else will have his day? The family dog. Feeding stations, storage spaces for food and supplies, even dog showers are showing up in homes. And given how much we Americans value our pets, why not?

What’s headed out the door in 2016? According to Zillow Digs, it’s farmhouse chic, along with Mason Jars, burlap coverings and chalkboard paint. The home improvement and design inspiration hub, which bases its predictions on interviews with designers says these interior elements will be big this year:

  • Patterns and shapes inspired by Art Deco designs will influence artwork, wallpaper, and even light fixtures.
  • Area rugs made from nubby wool and other natural fibers will be used to create an easy outdoorsy feel.
  • Accent pieces from local artisans, shops and markets will stand out better in places with fewer things.

2016 will be more about living and less about showing. The changes we make to our homes will reflect that.

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