Buying a house in a seller’s market is tough. Not only are there multiple buyers vying for the same house, but you’re likely offering top dollar for a property that may not even include the amenities or living spaces you desire in your dream home.

In fact, building your own house on your lot allows you not only to pick the perfect location but also to work directly with a custom builder to design a home that perfectly fits your family’s lifestyle and needs.

When you build on your lot, you have the potential to maximize your real estate dollar by getting exactly what you want in your home. In addition, by not spending every weekend looking at house after house never quite finding the perfect fit, you enhance the entire home-buying experience.

An experienced and trusted homebuilder will guide you through the design-and-build process, helping you make informed decisions at every step and eliminating unnecessary stress. Using a custom builder familiar with the area can ensure your property is suited to the home you wish to build and the budget you’re trying to accommodate.  Many times, buyers don’t know how to plan for lot clearing, drainage issues, utilities, and deed restrictions that can ultimately affect the final home design and bottom line. 

Pick Your Perfect Place

Whether in a community or on a more rural piece of land, custom building on your lot allows you a freedom of choice you don’t often have when moving into an existing home, such as what you’ll see from your kitchen or bedroom window or the placement/angle of your home about neighboring structures or scenic vistas. Your home can be custom-designed to best utilize the lot on which it sits, ensuring maximized available space both indoors and out, as well as the best views possible. 

Your Dream Becomes Your Reality

Everyone’s “dream home” is different, which is why it can be hard to realize that dream in a home that someone else built. Many times when purchasing from existing inventory, buyers must extensively remodel the home before moving to make it fit their ideal, or settle on the home “as is,” hoping to make changes over time.  

With a custom build on your lot you get exactly what you want from the very beginning. Open concept? Mother-in-law suite? Second-floor laundry room? Your house plans can be designed and adapted to meet your every need. 

The Dreamception Design Program allows us to balance your ideas and needs against your budget to create design options you can “walk through” virtually before making big decisions.  This allows you to try on your home’s functionality and adjust as needed. 

Build A Life

Building on your lot offers endless customization opportunities beyond your house plans.

Whether you want a garden, workshop, separate guest quarters, or barn, building on your lot allows you to plan for and build more than a home. You can build a life. 

For more than 40 years Flenn Custom Home & Remodeling has been making dream homes come true on time, on budget, and with a lifetime labor warranty. Our reputation for perfectly combining aesthetic, functionality, and high-quality home design with excellent customer service has made us the preferred custom home builder in Round Rock, Georgetown, and the North Austin Area. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities available in building the home you’ve always wanted.