Whether you’ve lived in your home for a while (and don’t want to move,) or you’re considering the purchase of a fixer upper, a home renovation project may be in order. Doing so not only allows for an inside-and-out upgrade of a dated aesthetic, it can improve the overall comfort and functionality of just about any house.

The scale and/or cost of a full-home project often leads homeowners to break it up into seemingly more manageable mini projects — kitchen then bathrooms or living area before guest spaces, etc. While the one-room-at-a-time method of updating your home may seem less overwhelming in a variety of ways, there are actually a number of reasons you might want to do the whole house at the same time.

It Guarantees A More Unified Result

Doing it all — or at least multiple rooms at once— ensures that each room flows together in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. The bigger scope of this type of project allows you to design more broadly, resulting in a more integrated finished look overall. Plus, there’s no concern about your choice of flooring, tile, hardware or other materials being discontinued between projects.

It Can Save Money

By utilizing some of the same materials in various places throughout the house, your home design will not only reflect a more unified, intentional look, there will be less waste, and you’ll only have to pay for things like permits, demo and debris disposal one time.

It Can Lower Your Stress

It’s no surprise that many people are stressed out by the idea of renovating their home. Having the kitchen, bathroom, or other major areas of the home temporarily inaccessible and contractors coming in and out all day (not to mention the inevitable mess) can be more than a little disruptive to your everyday routine. For those doing it room by room, it can literally feel like the process will never end. Tackling the project all at once allows things like electrical, plumbing, painting and installation of materials to be completed in multiple areas at a time, which streamlines the process and gets you back in your home faster.

Home Reno Is A Owner/Builder Collaboration

No matter the size of your home renovation project, it’s important to have the effort expertly coordinated for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

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