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The Taylor Transformation

See how this Taylor, Texas home was reclaimed and turned into an absolute gem!

Flenn Custom Homes and Remodels decided to take this home and give it a new life.  Many previously passed this by, but when Flenn looked at this home, they knew it was a job they could handle.  The outcome is shocking!

BEFORE:  Exterior Front

So many before Flenn were willing to write this home off, but when we saw this house we simply saw a home that had been loved for so many years, but needed some imagination to bring it into the 21st Century in order for another family to love it for many more years to come.

 AFTER:  Exterior Front

Because we had to work within the parameters of easements and setbacks we needed to be creative in how we could update the exterior without causing any encroachments.

Adding a metal “accessory roof” was just one of the ways this home stands out from the rest!

BEFORE:  Interior – Kitchen

Most would look at this kitchen and keep walking, however, our Interior Designer looked at it with a wild excitement of opportunities.  From the stained glass doors to the vintage knobs, she was in heaven!

 AFTER:  Kitchen

There is much to say about this extraordinary kitchen.  Let’s start with the one-of-a-kind kitchen island…The blue/teal front cabinet was abandoned, but our designer took it and made it new again.  Using the old fence posts (on the property) she was able to build the barn doors, add hardware and with a lot of sanding, paint and love….just look at the results!!!  An antique hutch was selected to be part of the kitchen cabinets (again re-purposed by our designer), open metal shelving, and an amazing steel vent hood which was built by Greg Flenniken himself, are just a few things that make this kitchen wonderful.

BEFORE:  Master Bathroom…Believe it or not Greg wanted to keep this green tile….but he lost the battle!

 AFTER:  Master Bathroom

Creativity is endless.  An old TV Media Cabinet was converted into a one-of-a-kind Master Vanity!  Wanting to “bling up” an otherwise common area, we used finishing touches like glass handles, chrome faucets and a chandelier making this space absolutely stunning!

BEFORE:  Living Room

AFTER: The original windows were kept and many hours went into restoring them, but the outcome was incredible.   The Flenn team created a unique plan by moving load barring walls and completely opening up the living room, dining room and kitchen.

BEFORE:  Dining Room (outside of kitchen)

AFTER:  Unbelievable doesn’t begin to describe the difference in the Dining Room Area!  Flenn created plans that would open this area up to create a one-of-a-kind area.  They started by removing some load barring walls and building a brick wall across from the original brick wall on the opposite side.

They didn’t stop there.  Because Flenn loves to re-purpose and give new life, they decided to use a steel wagon wheel, straight from the Flenniken Farm to create a light fixture that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Steel beams (yes steel) were installed to accessorize the ceiling and walls.  A truly amazing space!

BEFORE:  From the first time our designer saw this area, she knew it was made for a breakfast nook.  Of course,  she was the ONLY one who could visualize what this areas potential was.  With her “pure stubbornness” (and we say this with great affection!), she proved everyone wrong!  She reminds them of this pretty regularly.  🙂

 AFTER:  YES….this is the same area as the above picture shows!   It takes a special eye to see the potential in some areas, we are glad to have our designer on our team!

The breakfast nook turned out amazing!  With a refurbished table, shelves, built in benches and lighting to complete this space, you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee or read a great book for hours!  This ended up being one of the focal points of the house!

BEFORE:  Hall Bathroom

 AFTER:  Not only did Flenn bring this bathroom into the 21st century, they created yet another remarkable space.  Starting with an antique cabinet, the designer gave it a new look, replaced the top with black stone and added a vessel sink creating a one-of-a-kind vanity.  Ship lap was added to the walls with a ledge and some fantastic floor tile completed this look.

BEFORE:  Exterior Back View….facing back fence.

 AFTER:  Hard to believe this is the same space as pictured above!  FCH created an exterior space off the master bedroom that included a custom deck with pergola and topped it off with some fantastic accent RED double doors!

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