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Design Program

You’ll love participating in our Dreamception Design Program where you’ll sit down with our designer and see your home vision spring to life.

“Because every concept should begin with a dream!”

See The Potential of Your Space…Virtually!

You’ll absolutely love the Dreamception Design Program. You’ll sit down with one of our incredibly talented interior designers and see your home vision spring to life! When homeowners first consider a remodeling project, many of them worry what it will look like and often struggle with trying to figure out how to get the look they are going for.  With Dreamception, our designer is able to come into your home, review your ideas, and create several different design options to maximize your budget and give you the greatest return on your investment. You’re then able to view these plans in a virtual 3D model so that you can see what the finished build will actually look like – all before any physical construction or major costs are even considered!

Additionally, with a licensed Real Estate Agent on staff, we can additionally provide our clients with facts pertaining to the housing market which will help them determine the best path to moving forward, whether they want to sell or remodel.  Having the ability to provide our clients with options of what their current house can look like and comparing it to what is currently on the market is priceless. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and will go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied.

Dreamception… because every concept should start with a dream!

Three Easy Steps

First, you’ll meet with our amazing  designer. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your overall budget for the build to determine what options will be available. You’ll then share your ideas, and our designer will then point out some options that you may not have considered.

After our designer has completed the designs, you’ll meet again. You’ll be presented with your virtual plans for two different designs that will meet you budget. This virtual packet will include virtual 3D renderings so you can see what the build will potentially look like.

Third, once you’ve chosen the design you’re interested in, our designer will complete up to two design alterations to meet any desired upgrades or changes. These could be as simple as changing out colors and product features up to major changes in infrastructure.

This home in located in historical downtown Georgetown, Texas  Our clients were looking for a new look, but had to keep within the confines of building code requirements.  Through the Dreamception Program, we completely changed the floorplan and added a carriage house with a balcony.


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