Building Works of Heart

With every project completed, Flenn Homes builds its reputation for excellence, dedication and integrity.

Greg Flenniken has been building houses since high school.

“Back in southwest Missouri, our Building Trades class actually built a house,” he said. “We poured the concrete. We laid the block. We did the framing. We did the plumbing and the roofing. We did everything.” After earning a degree in Construction Engineering from Pittsburg State University in Kansas, Greg soon joined the home-building industry and never looked back. He’s built homes in North Carolina and in Houston. Since 1999, Austin has been home.

Greg still enjoys pouring the concrete and doing the framing, but he prides himself on the finish-out of his projects.

“A lot of people have told me how much they appreciate the way I stay after the little things. But all those little things mean a lot to homeowners.”

“Appliances, light fixtures and outlets all have to work properly. Tile and cabinet should meet perfectly. Doors shouldn’t hit frames. Things can’t be crooked, broken or missing. It’s all got to the there; and it’s all got to be right.

“I don’t want to just finish the job,” Greg said. “I want to finish strong.”

Flenn Homes has been in the Austin area for more than 15 years and completed some 75 custom home and home-remodeling projects. Greg says that being a husband and a father of four gives him a better understanding of what families need in a home. He works with clients to maximize the return on their investment and offers decision-making help when needed.

“I truly enjoy the process of helping families take their dreams and make them a reality in a home that fits their unique lifestyle,” he said. “Building homes is my passion.”

A Record That Speaks for Itself

Austin home builder Flenn Homes prides itself on its expertise, its experience, and its ability to deliver a quality result.

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Years of Experience
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Backed by a Team of Experts

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Flenn Homes

  • Greg was easily accessible at all times for questions or concerns. Our home turned out exactly as we had imagined, and the experience was fun and rewarding.

    Lance and Amy Johnson
  • It was all a pleasurable experience, and without any hesitation we would have Flenn Custom Homes build for us again.

    Kevin and Lyssa Yates
  • I had always heard that by the end of the building process you would not be on speaking terms with your builder, not so with Greg. He is welcome at any of our family functions.

    John Chomout
  • While interviewing builders, I casually mentioned a concern about having enough property for a single story (I had a three story blue-print at the time). Greg looked left to right and stated he thought it could be done. A custom design was launched. I was involved in the building process and never felt left out of the loop.

    Richard Allen
  • We had an extensive remodel project on a family home and had total confidence in Greg Flenniken’s ability as a builder and as a person to complete the job to our high standards and to be able to combine the old and new features in a fluid way. He exceeded our expectations.

    Greg was responsive, conscientious, accountable, and reliable. Even when the project was complete, we could count on him to address details that needed attention. He is honest and hardworking, a builder whom I’ve already recommended to friends, family members, and clients. We’re very happy with the work that was done and Greg’s job of overseeing every aspect.

    Leslie Davenport
  • My husband and I had a very particular plan in mind when we set out looking for a contractor to update our kitchen. We have two children and didn't want to be in the midst of chaos when the kitchen was remodeled. We asked Greg and his team if they would complete the remodel while we were gone for 10 days on vacation. They agreed to the task and somehow accomplished it! They redid our kitchen from floor to ceiling and did an impeccable job with only minor touchups to be completed when we arrived home. I give Flenn Custom Homes an A+ for customer service and timeliness. They do what they promise. I have never had a better experience with a contractor. And the quality work they did is the best part. Everything was perfect. I don't think you can get a better contractor anywhere. Thank you!

    Jessica Knickerbocker

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